Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rural Route No.9 & Beyond...

We are very pleased to announce the next installment in the Rural Routes series by the artist, Keepsakes. Rural Route No.9 contains five pieces written and performed by Arizona based musician & photographer, K. Eric Kassner. Here, he employs piano, vibraphone, marimba, Alesis Quadraverb, Boss DF-2, turntable, field recordings, and music box to create melancholic ambient soundscapes. As described by Eric, "These pieces are born of a tragically broken family and home, which served as the setting for these recordings. Drug addiction, reckless and irresponsible decisions, and tragic indifference intertwine to render the disintegration of a family. At the heart of all this destruction lies the uncertain future of an innocent and dearly loved child."

Limited to 150 copies. Purchase here.

This release will also be the final installment of the Rural Routes series (no double digits in the countryside!) and the last title to be published under the Standard Form name. As the success of both our print shop and this series in particular continue to grow we have decided to separate our commercial print operation from our publishing activities to better represent them both. Standard Form will proceed as it always has as a print shop interested in working with the arts and music communities both locally and internationally. Our interest in experimental music will continue on under a new imprint called Komino Records. Expect conceptually driven series similar to the Rural Routes series as well as full length releases in variety of formats including vinyl! We already have a whole batch of releases planned for the year's end and 2012. Please check out the site for updates as things come together.