Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out now: Rural Route No.7 by Nick Kuepfer

Nick Kuepfer is a guitar player who weaves nylon string and electric guitar pieces with live sampled tape loops and drones. His sources range from static repetition and subtlety to frantic and abrasive; always with a tendency for experimentation. He was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario and is now living in Montreal, Quebec since 2003. He has performed solo for a short time and occasionally plays with guests Eric Craven (hanged up), Kristina Koropecki (Mark Berube), John Corban (SMCQ) and Nick Scribner (Clues). His current activity was preceded by playing in the bands Lungbutter, Aidswolf, L’embuscade etc and presently plays with Hrsta and No Nature. In November of 2010 he released a full-length solo record as part of the first edition of Montreal record label Constellation Records' Musique Fragile series.

We are pleased to welcome him to the fold with the 7th installment of the Rural Route series. These six tracks were recorded during a week of seclusion in a house deep in the woods of Northern Ontario with portions recorded in a cabin in the Gatineau region of Quebec. The recordings include various sample sources including goats and birds in Switzerland, a choir featuring Kuepfer's parents, and wolves from the Aspden Valley Wildlife Sanctuary near Rousseau, Ontario.

Limited to 150 physical copies (with free download).
Available here.