Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Rural Route No.2' by Kyle Bobby Dunn

The second installment of the Rural Routes 3 inch series is almost ready to go and is set to be released in April by artist Kyle Bobby Dunn.

During the composing and recording process of these two special works, Dunn revisited various spots and dimensions of an Albertan childhood that seemed smeared out and ghostly. The impact of these feelings and sightings wander prominently into the moody and eerie chord droppings of guitar, strings, radio mutations, and organ. The visions and times are suspended in between the icy notes of these two works. Refreshingly clear but horrifyingly mysterious and obscured at the same time....

Closely following the much praised release, A Young Person's Guide To..., on the Low Point label, fans of his work shouldn't hesitate on picking this one up as it is limited to 150 copies.

Rural Route No.2 will be available from our distributors in April. The album is available from our website here.

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