Thursday, October 7, 2010

Out Soon: Rural Route No.6

It's October, which means it's been close to one year since we started the Rural Route series and we must say that we feel very fortunate to have released such great music from quality artists. It seems serendipitous that on this anniversary the sixth release in the series will be from the highly respected and prolific Machinefabriek, the pseudonym of Rutger Zuydervelt. This Rotterdam artist truly needs no introduction due to the sheer quantity and quality of music he has released within the ambient/experimental field over a relatively short period of time. With releases on labels like Type, 12K and Home Normal, Rural Route No.6 is wonderful addition to his ever-growing canon. Officially available on October 26th, it is comprised of one 17 minute track entitled Halfslaap. The piece began as a one minute soundtrack for a video poem by Jani Sipilä. Sounds reminiscent of a music box provide a long form lullaby for the hazy journey from reality to the dreamworld. It is a score for the strange sensation of heavy limbs as sleep slowly washes over the body.

We must highly stress that this release is limited to only 150 physical copies and is a definite must-have for fans of his work and fans of experimental music in general!

Check out an excerpt here.

...and there has already been a review, check it out here.

UPDATE: We are now accepting preorders here.

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